Paul and Danny Gallienne are both manufacturing jewellers so can make practically any design in any metal with any stone. Danny is also a GIA qualified Diamond Grader and Gemmologist so if there is a particular specification of Diamond or coloured stone you are looking for she will be more than happy to give you the advice on quality and how it compares to value. We can source the stone that is right for you then build the perfect ring to suit you.

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There is very little Platinum on this earth and it is found in very few places around the world. This tough metal is 30 times rarer than Gold. In fact, it is estimated that if all the Platinum in the world were poured into one Olympic swimming pool it would be scarcely deep enough to cover your ankles. Gold would fill more than three pools, hence the large price difference. Its density and weight make it more durable than other jewellery metals. Platinum jewellery does not fade or tarnish and keeps its looks for a lifetime.

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There is a new jewellery metal on the horizon Palladium that is proving very popular. As a Platinum group metal, Palladium offers customers a host of benefits. Palladium is very similar to Platinum high purity, good lustre, and white appearance. It doesn't require any plating like white Gold and does not tarnish. The advantage Palladium has over Platinum and White Gold is mainly the price coming currently cheaper than both other metals. As it gains popularity the price will increase but at the moment it is still relatively unknown.

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